Chobani’s Whey Disposal and Water Recycling System at Idaho Facility

We’ve got big news! This December we announced a new program out in Idaho. We’re implementing a system at our Twin Falls plant to dramatically enhance whey recycling and reuse processes and reduce municipal water consumption at our plant, building on our commitment to sustainably crafting our products.


Cinnamon Cookies #madewithchobani

It’s beginning to get awfully cold out there, and you know what that means: bring on the snacks!

What better way to warm up than with a hot cup of tea and a tasty batch of cookies straight from the oven?  Enter: Cinnamon Yogurt Cookies. These babies are the ultimate option for frisky fingers searching for a snack.

The holidays are a time to get together, spread cheer, and (most importantly) eat yummy food; so make your recipes healthy AND delicious with Chobani.


Simply 100 Smoothies

The holiday season is nearly here and we all know what that means: bring on the pies, cookies, and deliciously hearty main courses.

But enjoy as you may, nothing says you can’t have a healthy balance in your day. Account for the holiday feasting to come by starting your day with a simple smoothie, featuring Chobani Simply 100.

Simply 100 Chobani smoothie