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Cloudy with a Chance of Pomegranate

Seattle is often thought of for its rainy weather, Microsoft, and the grunge/indie music scenes. After the CHOmobile’s 4-day appearance at Folk Life Festival 2010, it can also claim the title of “The Pomegranate People”! Maybe it’s something to do with the beautiful natural landscape and hippie-vibe of this uber-cool city, but festival-goers were crazy for this delicious and authentic flavor.

Three of the four music-packed days were chilly and rainy, but that didn’t deter the crowds of people from trekking over to the CHOmobile in between the dozens of formal and informal performances to grab a delicious cup of CHO! We were parked at the top of Peter’s Green, right below the landmark Space Needle with an awesome view of the park (and, of course people spooning CHO up with ecstasy on their faces).

Of course, we made many friends at Folklife. Chobani die-hards greeted us like long-lost friends, and were psyched to enjoy a new flavor, talk about their favorite way to eat CHO (granola & nuts were a favorite mix-in). We were thrilled to answer hundreds of questions about Chobani the company proper, Greek yogurt, and recommend our favorite flavors to newbies (normally suggested: Pineapple, closely followed by Strawberry).

If you tried Chobani at Folklife, or missed us, and want to stock up, the following local Seattle stores carry Chobani:





-Whole Foods Markets

A big thanks to the awesome organizers of Northwest Folklife and the city of Seattle! See you next weekend at our other Pacific Northwest stop at the Portland Rose Festival!