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Swimming Across America


This past Saturday, Team CHOmobile was proud to make an appearance at Swim Across America’s (SAA) Nantasket Beach Swim. SAA, one of the partners for our 10% Program, is a non-profit founded in 1987 to raise funds and awareness for cancer research and prevention. SAA holds dozens of swims across the country each year, from swimming pools to the San Francisco Bay to the Boston Harbor. Mirroring fundraisig walks and runs, each swimmer pledges to raise funds for the swim he or she participates in. SAA has grown from a tiny organization raising $5,000 in its first year to over $2.5 million annual, marking it as a major private source of cancer research funding.
SAA 2SAA 3As the sun came up, Team CHOmobile pulled onto beautiful Nantasket Beach and set up near the community beach house with a great view of the ½ mile and 1 mile swim courses. Several hundred swimmers, spectators, volunteers and organizers were present, and you can be certain that Chobani was a welcome addition to the continental breakfast of muffins and coffee. The pre-event excitement was palpable as the swimmers zipped themselves into wetsuits (in July, even South Shore beaches have COLD water!) and headed down to “starting line” on the far end of the beach. Seventeen minutes and forty seconds later, the first swimmers began emerging from the water and jogging through to their finish, and 20 minutes later most of the swimmers were done. All in all, the Nantasket Beach swim raised over $300,000 for SAA!

We’d like to thank SAA for the opportunity to participate and support this fantastic event!