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Featured Blogger: A Modest, Not So Novice, Chef

We couldn’t be prouder to introduce this week’s featured blogger. Not only is she sweet as pie, but she can bake a mean one too!  This lady is being modest with the title of her blog. Everything she makes is worth clipping and storing in your recipe book, especially because her photographs are so beautiful! It has been a pleasure of ours to read her blog, and we’re positive you’ll be tickled by it too.

Jessica Novice Chef

Name: Jessica, Honey 0% & Vanilla 0% Mixing Queen

If you’d named yourself: Princess Consuela Banana Hammock (any Friends fans out there?!)

Blog: The Novice Chef Blog

Her blog in 8 words or less: Cupcakes, figure friendly recipes, and everything in between!


Song:  Currently, “Forget You” by Cee-Lo Green

Movie: Tie between My Cousin Vinny and Sweet Home Alabama (apparently I like 3 word title movies).

City: Roatan, Honduras (simply stunning)

Board Game: Cranium!!!

Way to eat Chobani: as Tzatziki! Or for breakfast with granola!


Thoughts in the morning: Gotta pee, now! Followed closely by, how bad is it if I have a cupcake for breakfast?

Major accomplishment: Being able to say I am completely happy with my life!

Chobani experience: The first time I tried Chobani was in Tzatziki…and it was perfect! Yum!


Thing you cooked: Green Curry Chicken with Homemade Naan!

Fun thing you did: Went to dinner with friends for a birthday party! We drank champagne, the birthday girl wore a tiara, and we finished the night with three different flavors of cupcakes.

Book you read: Broken by Karin Slaughter (awesome series)

Flavor of Chobani you ate: Plain, fat free, in the Green Chicken Curry & Naan!


When you started your blog: December 2008

Why: Because I was a newlywed who had never cooked a full meal and I wanted to keep track of recipes we liked and did not like.  Never thought it would become what it is (or that I would actually enjoy cooking)!

Biggest blogging challenge: Photography! When I started, my photography was REALLY bad!

Biggest blogging reward: Inspiring others to try new things. Oh and getting a reason to make sweets!

What’s the one thing you think your readers would never guess about you? That my favorite mac and cheese in the world is…..Stouffers from the freezer section…it’s like crack…but better!

Thanks so much, Jessica, for letting us have a sneak peek into your wonderful world. Now, everyone, head on over to her blog because she will be hosting a GIVEAWAY for a case of CHO!

Be sure to join us next week. We’ll feature another awesome blogger! ‘Til then, see you in the blogosphere!