Be a Better Food Photog!

Ever whipped up something totally spectacular, only to follow it with an underwhelming photo?  As bloggers, chefs, and snap-happy people ourselves, we feel your pain, so we reached out to the talent behind the lens of our Chobani Kitchen images. Here are some great tips from the lovely Ellen Silverman. (Did we mention she just wrapped up shooting for Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest book, My Father’s Daughter?!) Thanks, Ellen!

ellen 1image courtesy of ellen silverman


Tricks of the Trade:

1) Use the freshest ingredients available.

2) Whenever possible, shoot in daylight.

3) Pause before taking the picture to consider the best camera angle so you can show the food in the most appetizing way.

4) If your first angle of choice does not work, then move the camera to another angle or rotate the plate, there may be a better angle waiting for you.

5) Use plates and props that compliment the food, not over power it.

6) Don’t be afraid to cut into something and show it partially eaten – sometimes that makes a recipe look even more delicious.

7) The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are shooting food and you need to show it in the most appetizing way possible.