Notes from the Road: CHO & CHOwder

Greetings from Monterey!


Team CHOmobile here, writing to you still full from 35th Annual Wine and West Coast Chowder Competition this weekend! Chefs and restaurant owners from near and far gathered to showcase their best chowder recipes. Throughout the day, chefs stopped by the CHOmobile, said hello, and told us how they use Chobani in their recipes- 2% Plain seemed to be a favorite ingredient.

monterey fans

Despite the overcast sky, fans came to taste and judge the best chowders of the West. And we understand why!  Our taste buds were overwhelmed with the variety- red chowder, white chowder, New England Style Chowder, Chicken Chowder, Spicy Chowder with every type of seafood imaginable. Our personal favorite was clam chowder, served up in a mini bread bowl the size of a Chobani cup!


And, we made a new friend! Sam’s ChowderMobile was our neighbor for the day and sampled 3 different types of chowder, all of which were delicious! Sam’s Chowder House store manager, Juan, and Chef Lewis shared their real love story for both CHO and CHOwder and even invited us to visit their store, Half Moon Bay. We’ll definitely pay them a visit next time we’re in California, but under one condition-breakfast is on us!


After a day of tasting and mingling with Monterey’s locals by the beach, judges awarded Executive Chef Willi Franz of the Marriott Monterey with the Best Seafood Chowder Award. Congrats to the Chowder King and all of the winners!  With Monterey under our belts, we’re on our way to the next fun-filled stop. Salt Lake City, watch out! Our big blue truck is headed to ya, full of smiles and free cups o’ CHO. See you soon!