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Lots o’ love for Portland, OR!

The CHOmobile spent this past weekend at the Bite of Oregon in the beautiful city of Portland. Besides getting a taste of some of Stumptown’s best local food, we dabbled outside the food fest and quickly fell in love with everything it has to offer. Let us count the reasons why:

1.)  Urban and outdoors- a combination as good as Chobani and your favorite mix-ins.

Portland has a lovely mixture of historic and modern architecture with the novelty of many lush parks in the hills west of Downtown. A variety of  trails and nearby wildlife frame the city, making it pretty as a picture.

Portland- Park

Positioned riverside, active locals swim, boat, and row to their hearts content in the water. Don’t want to get wet? Not a problem! The waterfront paths follow alongside, allowing you to enjoy the river without your swimsuit. We took full advantage of this and parked the CHOmobile where we could enjoy a cup with a view.

2.)  Portlanders do great things for the environment!

With all the green businesses and eco-friendly stores it’s no wonder Portland has a nationally recognized reputation! Environmentally friendly practices, such as recycling and an extensive public transportation system, are part of the city’s culture, a culture that rivals our live, active ones ;).

Portland- Light Rail

Portland- Compost

This smart city has got it down! The Max Light Rail, Portland Streetcar, and clearly marked bike lanes make it easy to get around while reducing the carbon footprint. And conveniently placed compost bins are a constant reminder of Portland’s commitment to the environment. We saw this for ourselves at the Bite of Oregon as satisfied tasters recycled our cups and put our biodegradable spoons into the compost bin, post-deliciousness of course.

3.) Shopping- a whole lot more than just souvenirs and department stores.

Hat shops, art galleries, music stores, vintage shops- the town is full of small boutiques and novelty stores stocked with the most interesting, one-of-a-kind things you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Portland-Hat Shop

Portland- Saturday Market(1)

Portland- Vintage Shop

This city is so great, we didn’t need a storefront to window shop. A local advised us to check out the Saturday Markets and boy are we happy we did. This bustling market stretched from the Waterfront well into town, and is a weekend destination for many. Rows of vendors had the most unusual and novel goods. We practically lost ourselves amidst the rows of handmade crafts, clothing, and art!

4.) The “Weird” factor.

“We like to keep things weird.”

Portland- Weird

Immediately, we didn’t know how to take it.  But, by the end of the 1st day we understood. Portland is a place where people not only accept differences, but appreciate them. This nothing but good attitude makes Portland so extraordinary and so loveable and is the reason the city is such an eclectic and stimulating place.

…if you can’t tell by now, we really, really enjoyed Portland.