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Chobani Goes to Joplin, MO

Last week, we had the distinct privilege of being on site for the biggest build in the history of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. This past May, Joplin, MO was hit hard by one of the most devastating tornadoes in US history. In an effort to rebuild both the town and the town’s spirits, EMHE pledged to build 7 homes in 7 days for 7 deserving families.


…and that they did!


We watched as homes were literally built in the blink of an eye by the efforts of talented workers and more than 6,000 devoted volunteers each day.  Happy to be just a small part of the efforts, we were there to provide satiating snacks to power their 12-hour shifts.

IMG_1997emhe collageThanks to our friends at Extreme Makeover, we have new friends in Missouri and feel forever changed by this experience. It was truly “nothing but good!”

Be on the lookout for this build to air on ABC as the 200th episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Check here for local listings.