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Shining the Light on: KaBOOM!

The Champions Tour Bus journeyed along the East coast this year and we were lucky to make some awesome new friends as we teamed up with the shepherds at KaBOOM! This non-profit works tirelessly toward saving play for America’s children.

A horrific story in the Washington Post about two local children that were killed while playing in an abandoned car because they didn’t have anywhere else to play moved CEO and founder, Darell Hammond, to develop the idea for KaBOOM! KaBOOM! serves to create spaces for play within walking distance of every child in America.  Better yet, they work to build unique and unstructured spaces where children can not only have fun, but learn, and stay safe. What our friends at KaBOOM do is so inspiring, and we’ve been fortunate to work with them this year to provide Imagination Playgrounds that give our Champs creative and fun environments in which to play.

The best thing about our journey with KaBOOM!? Meeting many other shepherds along the way. First stop: Harford, CT where we visited the Women’s League Child Development Center for an afternoon of fun and yogurt!  It was great to see the little Connecticut Champions happy and lovin’ their new Imagination Playground in a Box.

Then, on to sunny Maimi where we gifted an Imagination Playground in a Box to the United Way Center for Excellence in Early Education.  This amazing new facility will prepare 130+ early learners cognitively, physically and emotionally so they enter school eager and ready to learn (and play!). Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

Visiting the our friends at the United Way in Miami.

Final stop: Boston, where we hung with the Waltham Boys & Girls Club, an org that works to inspire and enable all young people to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.  The Club provides a space for youth age 6-18 to “be great” in a fun and active community.  It was a “wicked” fun time!

A BIG “thank you” to everyone involved in this year’s tour! We saw firsthand how the combined power of shepherds can really make a positive change on the world.

Lovin’ the Imagination Playground in a Box!

Follow the Champions Tour Bus on facebook and twitter as we continue to get our play on! And also check out to learn more about how they are helping make nothing but good things happen for America’s Champions! And be sure to shine the light on the shepherds in your life in our Shepherds’ Constellation.

Play on, Champs.  Go CHO Go!