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Featured Blogger: Lindsay’s List

We can’t get enough of Lindsay or her cute little crew!  On her helpful, honest, and oh-so-hysterical blog, Lindsay gets real with how she balances staying fit, eating healthy, and being Mom to her two little ones. (Phew! We’re exhausted already!)  Since Lindsay and her entourage always keep us laughing, we asked her to share some of her “parenting truths” with our fans, and what it is like to be a mommy AND a master of cinematography all at the same time.  <– Oh, just read on and you will know exactly what we are talking about :)

Well hello there!! I’m Lindsay and I blog at the outrageously popular and critically acclaimed semi-funny, healthy living blog, Lindsay’s List! It’s “Cho” great to be here – Chobani is kind of a big deal around my house. When I’m not teaching fitness classes or training clients at the gym, I play the role of stay-at-home mom to two toddlers.

Two toddlers, who test my patience, have no idea what personal space means, and who eat A LOT of Chobani Champions (Vanilla Chocolate is a favorite!)

Over my short time of being a mom, I’ve acquired a breadth of knowledge in regards to parenting – what works, what doesn’t. How to keep my brunette hair from turning prematurely grey.


Some Parenting Truths:

– Try as you might to hide them, children are SMART and will sniff out any vegetables you try to bake into cakes or cookies. Black bean brownies? They’d rather get their teeth brushed.

– Neon yellow is NO ONE’S color. It simply clashes with the color of flesh. Don’t let your child convince you otherwise.

– Changing a diaper vs. vacuuming entire house = vacuuming, hands down.

– Spring and Fall are Winter and Summer’s much prettier, younger sisters. Everyone likes them better. Winter and Summer know this, that’s why they’re extremists. (<-NOT a parenting truth, but still valid.)

– Changing a diaper vs. folding clothes = no true winner.

– No matter how many toys you buy them, an old cereal box and a Coke bottle filled with rocks, will be their entertainment of choice. Recyclables beat Fisher Price, any day!

– There’s nothing quite like seeing your children playing in harmony. Or being super duper cute in a Chobani Champions commercial.

While they might roll their eyes at zucchini-laced cookies, my kids will do anything for chocolate-laced Greek yogurt! Lunchbox Kettlebell swings, extremely uncoordinated burpees. Heck, Clara will self-sacrifice and eat five containers of the stuff during shooting! A true team player.

Last parenting truth – Some days, you’ll barely have time to brush your teeth, let alone feed your kids a healthy meal. That’s where Chobani comes in. Pair a yogurt with some carrots and hummus and you’re good to go. The kids are happy. You’re happy.


There’s a feeling of PRIDE, knowing they’ve eaten something nutritious. Now that, I can stand behind! Neon yellow? Never.

Lindsay Wright blogs at the healthy living site, Lindsay’s List, where she shares her fitness journey as a NASM-certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. A stay-at-home mom to two children, Lindsay’s just trying to balance fitness, family and fun!! Find her at