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Featured Blogger: Malenna Saunders

This week’s Featured Blogger, Malenna, kicks butt! Owner of Phoenyx Fitness in NYC, Malenna is a personal trainer dedicating to helping others work towards building a healthier, more fit lifestyle. At Chobani, we’re passionate about living an active, healthy lifestyle too! And did ya know each creamy cup naturally contains the ideal ratio of protein to carbohydrates, making Chobani the perfect post-workout recovery snack. 

Currently, Malenna trains the Elite Heat, a group of female figure competition athletes (wowza!). While targeted exercise is essential to the Elite Heats’ success, proper nutrition is key towards building lean muscle, shedding unwanted fat, and maintaining energy to blast through rigorous workouts. Malenna knows each cup of Chobani contains a whopping 14-18 grams to replenish, refuel, and recharge the Elite Heat’s hardworking muscles.

Enjoy Malenna’s tips below for optimal fueling & refueling, and check out the Elite Heats with their CHO!


Hi, I am Malenna Saunders–owner of Phoenyx Fitness, personal trainer, and a figure competition athlete.  My business and training keep me extremely busy AND I have very specific nutritional needs.  That’s why Chobani Greek Yogurt is a staple of my diet, as it fits seamlessly into my lifestyle.

Protein is how muscles are made and having an unprocessed source of protein is ideal.  Chobani Greek Yogurt provides an easy and delicious source of clean protein.  I am currently training a team of female figure competition athletes, The Elite Heat, and I recommend Chobani Yogurt as part of their pre-competition diet.  It is great for after-workout snacks or as a part of breakfast.  I also like to use Chobani as an addition to smoothies and sauces, since it is creamy, filling, and gives an added protein boost.

The Elite Heats & their fave flavors!

 Chobani’s high protein content not only bolsters up my shakes, but the rich texture adds a creamy and filling consistency leaving me satisfied and fueled from a rigorous workout. Mix it into your own protein shake complete with almond butter, banana for a potassium kick and sprinkles of cinnamon to help boost your body’s fat burning and metabolism component, and you will leave your workout feeling unstoppable!

This is one of my favorite and simple recipes for a great boost post workout. Enjoy!

–1 C Chobani (I recommend 0% Plain if you are cutting back on sugar, or try 0% Honey or 0% Vanilla for a bit more sweetness)

–2 tbsp of your favorite nut butter (almond, cashew, peanut, etc)

–1 scoop of your protein powder of choice

–8 oz unsweetened almond milk

–1/2 banana


Elite Heats <3 CHO!

Training is hard, but super rewarding. It’s nice when I can recommend a product like Chobani that is actually nutritious, but also delicious. We love it!

What’s your go-to workout recovery snack of choice?