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Featured Blogger: Nutritionella

Chobaniacs sure know how to get creative with our cups, from dreaming up unique flavor combos with DIY mix-ins to using our creamy flavors in mouthwatering recipes. Every time we think we’ve seen it all, our spoons are blown away by another unique idea…like Elle’s pumpkin CHO face mask! While we all know Chobani does a body good, this week’s Featured Blogger Elle shows us the benefits go beyond your stomach. Check out her Honey & Cucumber Chobani Face Mask below, then hop on over to her blog for the chance to win your own! We’re feeling a little pampering comin’ on…

The Beauty of Chobani

Hi CHO fans! I’m Elle from nutritionella, a healthy lifestyle blog for the food, fitness and fashion-obsessed.

As a super busy graduate student and soon-to-be a Registered Dietitian, I know how important it is to eat well. I also know how busy schedules can make this particularly challenging. I used to be the girl who went running out the door in the morning with no breakfast in my stomach, hoping my large coffee would hold me over until lunch. Chobani has since changed my ways. With 5 minutes to spare in the morning, I’ll sit down for a quick bowl of CHO & homemade granola, but if I’m late for class, I’ll just grab one from the fridge along with a piece of fruit, and take it to go! CHO is everything I look for in a breakfast. It’s quick, low in fat, high in protein, which fills me up, and is a good source of bone-building calcium.

Not only is Chobani my favorite breakfast, it’s also one of my best-kept beauty secrets.

You’ve probably heard the term “alpha-hydroxy acid” used in a slew of beauty ads. What you might not have heard is that yogurt is a natural source of these AHAs, including lactic acid, which dissolve dead skin cells and reveal fresh, smooth skin underneath! Lactic acid also helps increase your skins ability to hold moisture, something we can all use during these winter months.  I whip up this soothing Chobani face mask once or twice a week to keep my skin looking radiant. Try it for yourself at home!

Honey & Cucumber Chobani Face Mask

3 Tablespoons Plain Chobani Greek Yogurt (0% or 2%)

1 Tablespoon honey

1 Tablespoon pureed cucumber (about 3 slices)

Peel and puree cucumber slices. (An immersion blender works great.) Combine Chobani, honey and cucumber in a small bowl and mix well. Rub a generous amount of the yogurt mask onto your face and neck and allow the mask to dry completely (about 10 minutes). To remove, rinse skin with a warm water and gently buff with a soft cloth. Follow treatment with your moisturizer of choice.

This recipe makes 2-3 applications and can be stored covered in the refrigerator for 4-5 days.


Thanks for stoppin’ by, now hop on over to Elle’s blog for the chance to win a few containers of CHO for your next beauty treatment.