New look, same yogurt.
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Calling all #CHOBANIACS!

Do you wake up in the morning thinkin’ about what creamy flavor you’re going to spoon into first?  Do you find yourself constantly checking your fridge at work to make sure no one has touched your beloved cup? Do you talk, tweet, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook and pin about your crazy love for Chobani?  Well friend, you might just be a CHOBANIAC.


But don’t worry, because you’re in great company, and we want to celebrate the obsession!  Simply tag any declaration of crazy love for our little cups o’ goodness with #chobaniac and we’ll pick one each Thursday to retweet & win a custom case of Chobani.


It’s just a nothing but good thank you to our fans for being awesome.  Rock on, #Chobaniacs!