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National Nutrition Month Featured Blogger: Claire Marshall, MS, RD

Our fourth and final National Nutrition Month featured RD blogger, Claire Marshall, MS, RD is no stranger to the kitchen. She loves experimenting with her favorite dishes, finding simple ways to lighten them up without losing the taste. Today she shares some of her favorite recipe makeovers using Chobani! Be sure to stop on by Claire’s blog for your chance to win a case of our 3 new CHO flavors!

Learning To Cook and Lightening Up

Growing up, my dad was the chef – my mom could feed us if she had to, but my dad always enjoyed cooking for the family and got me interested at an early age.  Food and cooking have always been associated with quality time as a family.  One of my favorite photos is from when I’m about a year and a half old, and he’s holding me while I stir a large pot of pasta sauce taller than I was.

My interest in cooking really developed from a food science class in college, while I was studying to become an RD.  Each week we’d be given a recipe and instructed to make two versions – the first as the recipe was written, and the second where we modified as many things as possible to make it more nutritious – by lowering the fat, sodium, or calorie content but still achieving an acceptable product.  I continued this “experimenting” at home in my own kitchen – and not always with great success!  Discovering the blog community was a great source of inspiration for healthy recipes, and it’s a great way to share my kitchen successes.  Over time I’ve learned how to make some simple substitutions that can really lighten up your favorite dishes.

In addition to calorie content, I try to monitor the fat and protein content of my recipes.  Adding protein and fiber to your meals and snacks helps to keep you feeling satisfied longer, which can help with weight management.  Chobani is a great way to pump up the protein in everything from your breakfast to a late night snack.  Here are some of my favorite ways to use Chobani’s 0% Plain Greek yogurt:


  • As a topping on waffles or pancakes, or a filling in crepes
  • In oatmeal – like protein packed peach baked oats
  • In baked egg dishes – like quiche or frittata


  • As a stand in for mayonnaise in tuna salad or egg salad
  • Stirred in to homemade soup for a creamy consistency without the fat
  • To make light spreads for sandwiches (mixes with avocado, pesto or mustard)


Baked Goods:


Anytime Snacks:


Don’t forget to check out Claire’s blog for your chance to win a case of our 3 new CHO flavors!