We just can’t get enough of Weekly Bite. Estela, a Registered Dietitian and all-around super mom, never ceases to inspire us with her fun twist on healthy food that kids like to eat.  A foodie herself, Estela has a passion for creating nutritious meals that her 2 daughters will enjoy, and that are easy for other parents to recreate as well.  With all the variety, nutrition, and love that she packs into every single meal she makes, we wish she could pack OUR lunches everyday too :)

Hello Chobani lovers! I’m Estela, a Registered Dietitian and editor of the blog Weekly Bite. As a work-from-home and stay-at-home mom to two adorable girls, I know how challenging it can be to produce healthy meals for your family. That’s when I decided to start Weekly Bite. I wanted to show that you can feed your family simple, delicious, healthy meals without spending hours of kitchen prep.

In my Kiddie Lunch Box section I do my best to provide healthy meals while including all the food kid’s love.

Lucky for me, Chobani makes it easy for this to happen. M is obsessed with Chobani Champions and has declared it her most favorite yogurt ever.

She’s wants to eat it for snacks, meals, & treats.

For snack-time she loves eating her Chobani with “crunchies” (granola).

For meals, the options are endless….

Here are some of M’s favorite Chobani meals.

Kiddie Breakfast:

Chobani Champion + 1/2 bagel with nut butter + berries

Chobani Champions + granola + hard boiled egg

Chobani Champions + frozen banana + 1/2 cup milk (blended together for smoothie)

Chobani Champions + 1/4 cup oats + 1 tablespoon raisins + 3 T milk (mix the night before & store in fridge for overnight oats)



Chobani Champions + fresh veggies + hummus + whole wheat crackers + kiwi slices

Chobani Champions + 1/2 PB & J sammie + tangerine

Chobani Champions + turkey & cheese roll-up + hummus + cherry tomatoes + plum slices

Chobani Champions + cheese & bean quesadilla + red bell pepper slices + apple slices

Chobani Champions + 1/2 grilled cheese & tomato sammie + grapes



We are constantly adding new additions to our kiddie meals so be sure to check out Weekly Bite for the latest!