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Guest Post: Amanda Lindhout, GEF

Through our Shepherd’s Gift Foundation, we give 10% of our annual post-tax profits to organizations worldwide, working to create long-lasting change. Over the past year, we gave $1 million to the Global Enrichment Foundation to help famine relief efforts in Somalia through the Convoy for Hope program. Amanda Lindhout, founder of GEF and humanitarian, shares successes of our most recent Convoy in March. Thank you to Amanda & the GEF team for helping us do ‘nothing but good’ for those in need.

The Global Enrichment Foundation’s 6th Convoy for Hope ran from March 7th – 19th. Thanks to Chobani’s support and generosity, we provided emergency food aid to 25,200 men, women and children in Dobley, Somalia. 

Dobley was one of the worst hit areas during the drought that ravaged East Africa last year. Combined with decades of war, it led to a famine that the UN called “the worst humanitarian crisis” on the planet. Located close to the border, Dobley is a relatively safe stop for those fleeing to Kenya. But it lacks basic infrastructure and sufficient resources to sustain growing numbers of undernourished refugees.


During the distribution, our team met Muslimo Abdi Kusow, a 75 year-old woman who has watched Somalia fall apart from two decades of conflict, drought and famine. Four months ago, Muslimo left her home in Hosingo, Lower Shabelle after her livestock perished during the latest drought. She and her two grandchildren, orphaned after her son was killed, now live in a makeshift house in Dobley.

Muslimo joined Basra Gele Shukri and Halima Mohamud Kulul, both young mothers who struggle every day to feed their children. These women were forced from their homes by the “unbearable stress” of war – when conflict between factions reached their village, and no food could reach them. For 9 months they have been living as displaced people in Dobley. They are heartbroken that their children are hungry, homeless and have no access to schools.

Working closely with village leaders, our team overcame immense logistical obstacles to ensure that the most vulnerable families – 4,200 in all – had access to aid.

We know all too well that Basra, Halima and Muslimo are not alone – 2.3 million people in Somalia are still in need of emergency humanitarian assistance. With Chobani’s $1 million pledge, we have fed almost 170,000 people and remain committed to providing food aid – and bringing hope – to thousands more…for as long as it’s needed.