New look, same yogurt.
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Featured Blogger: Ali On The Run

As much as we’d like to believe it, we know not everyone has always loved yogurt. Shocking, we know! Whether your love affair with yogurt spans from childhood, or you’re recently committed, we’re simply happy to now call you ours. In fact, we hear daily from consumers who used to dislike yogurt until they tried our cups. Can you imagine a world without Chobani? We surely can’t. And neither can this week’s Featured Blogger, Ali on the Run!

A new Chobaniac, Ali started flirting with Blueberry and knew she was onto something special. Now, she gets exotic with flavors like Pomegranate and sweetens the deal with our Champions Vanilla Chocolate Chunk. We’re proud to power her through twice-a-day workouts and a full-time gig as a magazine Deputy Editor, all while battling Crohn’s Disease. Read on for Ali’s story of how she slowly but surely became a fellow Chobaniac, and then run on over to her blog for a chance to win your own case!

Fun fact: For most of my teenage, college and adult life, I thought yogurt was, as I always eloquently put it, “gross.”

I wanted to like it, really I did. I remembered loving blueberry yogurt when I was young, but for some reason, as I got older I couldn’t get into it. I think it was the texture that freaked me out.

Every now and then I’d swing through the grocery store and pick up some old blueberry yogurt—the kind I adored when my mom served it to me—and it would either sit in my fridge well beyond its expiration date, or I’d give in to it, eat a bite or two and then toss it. So yeah, I tried.

But then something weird happened: I discovered this whole healthy living blog community—though I don’t identify my own blog as such, unless you define healthy living as smothering your oatmeal with chocolate chips and you agree that a box of macaroni and cheese is one serving, not three—and everyone was raving about Greek yogurt.

People used it as a substitute for unhealthy things in recipes, like sour cream. They swore by it as a morning snack and they were, well, obsessed. “It’s so good for you and it tastes good,” they’d try to convince me in their daily posts.

Turns out, these people were on to something—and it’s not just a “thing” in the blog world. The communal refrigerator at my office always has no fewer than five Chobanis (clearly labeled to prevent theft, of course) and all my friends seem to be munching on yogurt in lieu of donuts right around 10:30 AM.

A few weeks ago, I gave in. It was time to give yogurt another shot.

I bought some Chobani at the grocery store, and was pretty psyched that it was not only cheap, but it also has a decently long period of being delicious before the expiration date hits.

First I tried Blueberry—we have a history together.

And it was good. It was thick, it was creamy and it didn’t have the watery texture that turned me away from yogurts before.

A few days later, I went for Strawberry.

No surprise here—that was good, too.

Plus, I’ve gotten fancy, just like those girls I used to read about. As much as I dig the flavor of the yogurt, the texture needed a little something extra, in my opinion, and so I top mine with BearNaked granola.

Creamy fruitiness + crunchy granola = I want tell the world about my delicious morning concoction.

Oh, the world already knows? Well, I’m just doing my part to spread the word and I’m enjoying every bite.

The added bonus? I have Crohn’s disease, and my diet is somewhat selective. Fried foods and corn are on the “Ohmigod please never eat this” list, but happily my Chobani Granola Snack (capitalized, because it’s fancy) keeps my intestines happy. About a month ago I found myself in the midst of a pretty brutal Crohn’s flare-up. Now I’m feeling much better, and Chobani is one of the foods I’ve started eating daily since then. Go figure—no issues!

I guess I’ll keep this snack around.

(And you probably should, too, Crohn’s or no Crohn’s.)

Happy snacking! Now head on over to Ali’s blog for a chance to win your own case of Chobani. And fall in love with us all over again.