CHOmobile hits VT for National Dairy Month

June may easily be one of our favorite months. Not only is the warm weather finally here, but it’s National Dairy Month! During this nothing but good month, we’re reminded of the importance of a diet rich in dairy.

At Chobani, we have passion for everything we do, and we couldn’t do it without the support of our equally passionate farmers. Their care and support is vital to ensuring quality from cow to cup!

Did ya know this about Chobani?

— It takes 3 pounds of milk to make 1 pound of Chobani. Whoa!

— We receive milk daily from local farms, and add in our custom cultures to create yogurt. We then put this yogurt through an authentic straining process to remove excess whey, making Chobani outrageously creamy and a good source of protein.

— Chobani is made from milk not treated with rBST and is free of synthetic growth hormones.

— A number of studies show that increased dairy intake may promote weight loss, aided by the high calcium and protein content. Each deliciously creamy 6oz cup of Chobani contains 15% of your recommended daily value of calcium and 13-18g of protein to keep you full & satisfied.

— Chobani contains five live and active cultures, including three strains of probiotics.

To kick off this udderly fantastic month-long celebration (prepare for the cow puns!), the CHOmobile rolled through farms, mountains, and highways to reach scenic Brattleboro, Vermont for the annual Strolling of the Heifers Festival.

We kicked off the festival at the Friday Night Street Fair, serving up our nothing but good cups to local attendees enjoying the live bands, performers, and samples of homemade breads and locally-sourced cheeses and butters.

We woke up to pouring rain on Saturday morning, but Mother Nature wouldn’t scare us (or the cows!) away from the annual street parade.

We wonder if Mango loves 2% Mango?

Moo-ve over, the CHOmobile is coming through!

Totally milking it!

Looking for ways to get more dairy in your diet? Check out Chobani Kitchen for recipes incorporating Chobani Greek Yogurt, or just pick up a creamy cup!

Happy National Dairy Month, CHOlks! How are you celebrating?