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A CHOlympic Celebration

The excitement leading up to the 30th Olympiad finally came to a head on Friday as London put on a beautiful Opening Ceremony. As a special treat, our Chobani family gathered around a great big field in Central New York to celebrate the commencement of the games, as well as our very first Chobani Olympic commercial!

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Family and friends came decked out in their CHO gear ready to enjoy some local grub, and settled into the grass to watch the Opening Ceremony amongst our nearest and dearest community members. But first, our fearless leader Hamdi addressed his team. In true ‘nothing but good’ fashion, Hamdi showed his love and admiration for the passion each of his dedicated employees puts in every day, telling tales of ‘way back when.’ He and a few CHO employees once spent nights in the factory, dreamin’ up plans to put into action the next day!

As we all sit in pure fascination of our USA athletes’ physical prowess, we are reminded of the Olympic spirit and how closely it resembles the Chobani story. Join us in rooting for our amazing employees, community members, athletes, and all of Team USA!