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Featured Chobaniac: Matthew W.

Having just landed from our London trip, we were super psyched when Chobaniac Matthew sent us his Chobani Love Story video all the way from England!

Shoot us an email if you’re interested in taking part in the “Featured Chobaniac” series. We’d love to share your story with friends far and wide. And without further ado, meet Matthew!

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I grew up and live in Columbus, New York a few miles from the Chobani factory.  I could even see my property in part of the “Cho Bike” commercial.  Chobani has remained my favorite yogurt since I first tried it a few years ago and I have converted some of my friends to it as well.  My mother started working for Chobani about a year ago so I continue to feel proud and even more connected to Chobani’s success.

I am currently studying for my master’s degree in archaeology in Sheffield, England so I haven’t eaten any Chobani in almost a year.  I was already excited that the London 2012 Summer Olympics were taking place while I was here in England, especially after seeing the Olympic torch come through Sheffield, and became even more excited when I learned that a local company from my hometown in rural Upstate New York, whose product I love, was sponsoring the U.S. Olympic team!  I loved the new Chobani Olympic commercial since it was filmed at my neighbor’s place and my sister helped to set up the screen.  I even recognize many of my neighbors in the three “Chobani Presents” YouTube videos.

I was able to make it to the Olympic games where I watched the men’s and women’s individual time trials in road cycling.  The U.S. took gold in the women’s event, no doubt because they were powered by Chobani!  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to snag a cup from one of the athletes.  Thank you for your work in my community and I hope you enjoy my Chobani love story video!


Matthew V. W.