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Meet Shepherd’s Gift Recipient: Sing For Hope

Through our Shepherd’s Gift Foundation, we give 10% of our annual profits to organizations working towards making the world a better place. But for us, the most special thing is seeing the organizations bring their dreams to fruition. On Monday, we had the heartwarming opportunity to join Sing For Hope to see their Healing Arts concert series, made possible through our Shepherd’s Gift Foundation. Now that’s nothing but good!

So grab a cup of CHO (and ’cause we’re total saps, tissues!) and click read more for a special recap of the day’s events from Sing For Hope.

Here at Sing For Hope, we believe in the power of the arts to heal, connect, and affect change. And with the help of a team of professional artists, we’re able to bring the arts to those who need it most.

Monday was the launch of our latest Healing Arts concert series, the program that brings live performance to healthcare facilities throughout NYC. What could be more uplifting than the gift of music to complement the healing process?

The inaugural concert featured three of our 1,000+ Volunteer Artists who offer their talents and their time to support our mission: Elaine Kwon, a prize-winning concert pianist who has performed solo, concerto, and chamber music concerts throughout the US and internationally; Gaida, an artist who unites the elegance of Arabic poetry and the refined ornamentation of Middle Eastern vocals; and Belinda Munro, a singer who has shared the stage with countless international artists such as Luciano Pavarotti, Celine Dion, Andre Rieu, and Mary J Blige.

Made possible through the Shepherd’s Gift Foundation, the series will be a combo of public concerts and beside performances at the New York Presbyterian Columbia University Medical Center. By bringing the entertainment right into the hospital- patients, families and caregivers can enjoy the music when they need it most.

Accessible to all, enlivening and inspiring communities, Volunteer Artists provide uplift and comfort by connecting patients and caregivers to the healing power of art.

We use music, and Chobani uses yogurt, but the goal is the same- to bring nothing but good to our community!