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Nothing But Good: The London Eye

In this great city, there’s plenty to do. We love the Olympics, but sightseeing too! Holding it in just wouldn’t be right, so here we are with all the tourism insight.

{Follow along in our travels with this Nothing But Good: London series!}


What is it?

A giant ferris wheel set on the banks of the famous River Thames. Fearful riders, rest assured this one goes very slowly!

What’s NBG?

Ride the wheel for about $23 US dollars and experience the most spectacular views of the city. We were fortunate to make our trip on a very clear day where we could see far and wide. This isn’t your typical ferris wheel car- each “capsule” can hold 25 people, is air conditioned (!), and has ample space for movement. Make sure you walk around to take it all in!

CHO Tip:

The Eye’s location makes it easy to hit other tourist hot spots on your list without traveling far. Work this one into your schedule along with Westminster Abbey, Big Ben & the Houses of Parliament, and St. Margaret’s Church.