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A Taste of Fall

Ah, fall. What a splendid season! And sweater weather means one very important thing… the return of the beloved pumpkin. Whether you enjoy it in pies, lattes, or bread, you can’t deny that pumpkin fever is contagious — we’ve caught it!

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We decided to usher in autumn with the perfect seasonal yogurt bowl. The inspiration for this afternoon’s snack came from chattin’ with our bud, CJ, on Twitter this morning about the wonders of pumpkin butter. After perusing the aisles of the grocery store for a little while, we decided on some simple ingredients that, when combined, will be more awesome than jumping into a gigantic pile of freshly raked leaves.

All you’ll need to recreate this incredible bowl is the following:

– walnuts

– pumpkin butter

– 0% Plain Chobani

– honey

– raw pepitas (pumpkin seeds!)

Combine everything in the bowl of your choice and get ready to spoon in!

We see this becoming a staple ’round our office for the next few months. It’s just too darn good!