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Featured Chobaniac: Steven P.

If you follow us on Twitter, then you know how much we love chattin’ CHO 24/7. One of our best tweeting buds is an incredible young guy named Steven, who truly embodies the Chobani spirit. While talking to him one day, he revealed that CHO played a huge role in his 100 pound weight loss. (That’s right: 1-0-0.) After hearing that, we were dying to share his inspiring story with y’all. Take it away, Steven!

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Think teenage boy.  The typical image of an athlete near six feet tall may come to mind. Well, unfortunately, I was on the other end of that spectrum.  I was under 5’5″ and weighing over 230 pounds- quite the unhealthy combination.  However, with support from friends and family, the addition of running into my life, and perhaps most importantly, a major diet change, I lost over 100 pounds! Perhaps the most important addition to my life was Chobani!

When most high school students face the daily struggles of school and extracurriculars, I decided to go out on a bit of limb. New Year’s Eve of 2011, I made a decision that would alter my life- I resolved to lose weight and become healthy. Moreover, I resolved to actually keep a New Year’s Resolution for the first time in my life (as almost all of us struggle with). I took to healthy eating and by April, one of my friends introduced the concept of running to me. Let me illustrate to you my thoughts on running at the time:  I only ran after the ice cream truck. I thought it must have been some terrible joke, but I agreed to going one day.  I haven’t stopped since!

Running added a bit of freedom into my daily life- some time to get my mind off my piles of homework. Originally, I started in the dark to avoid being seen but little by little, the pounds shed off. Step by step. Pound by pound. Now I run with football players, soccer players, and wrestlers.  However, I’ll tell you one thing: having a salad for dinner and an apple as the “exciting” snack of the day just wasn’t cutting it.  As the pounds shed off, my goals began to change too and my diet needed a major adjust. Enter Chobani.

Wanting to build a bit of muscle to tone up and refusing to go on a combination of a million different supplements- I sought out protein. I never used to eat breakfast, for it was always too much a hassle in my book. Suddenly, it’s like the Holy Grail appeared before me… filled with Chobani, of course! It was honestly the perfect on the go breakfast for me! A combination of amazing flavors, protein, and an excellent calorie count! This year I’m a senior in high school with plenty responsibilities. I’m the Student Council President, National Honors Society President, member of Italian and Spanish club, member of my class cabinet, a chairperson of my school’s community service club, a file clerk at a local doctors’ office, a backpack filled with honors and AP level homework, and a member of my school’s theater department- just to name a few- it’s vital to me to get at least one Chobani in a day. With a schedule so crazy that sometimes I forget to even drink water for a few hours, I make Chobani a priority.

I keep a package of spoons in my backpack and look forward to opening my fridge to find a new Chobani every morning. My favorites are pomegranate and apple. Arriving at school early for a different meeting almost everyday, people now expect me to show up – Chobani in hand. I urge anyone out there to pick up a spoon and give it try! Now I add Chobani to everything- I use it as a dip, sometimes pair it for an especially thick oatmeal, or eat it as is! Regardless, I count on Chobani every morning to remind me of what my goals are with my weight loss and to keep me on track.

My name is Steven Prieto. I’m a 17 year old senior. I’m a hundred pounds lighter. And I’m a Chobaniac.