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“When you share success, it grows.”

We couldn’t help but show a little pride when our founder and CEO, Hamdi, offered some inspiring thoughts at the Empact Summit in Washington, D.C. last week!

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For those not yet in the know, the Empact Summit is an initiative of Empact, whose work centers on fostering a culture of entrepreneurship around the world. The purpose of last week’s Summit was to bring together entrepreneurs from all walks of life, to forge relationships and inspire those who are determined to pursue a career in entrepreneurship.

We were so inspired by Hamdi that we thought we’d take a couple minutes out of the busy day to share his words.

“Since I started this, I have faced a lot of difficulties. My strength comes from surrounding myself with the people in our plant who I love and trust. I’ve never done this before. But when you are open, always listening, the information is there. 

You have to trust your instincts. At times of uncertainty, you have to trust your instincts.”

And our personal favorite,

“When you believe. When you work hard. When you give 100%. You make it happen.”

Our friends in the Twittersphere shared their thoughts, too!