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Featured Chobaniac: Beth of Once in a Mile

Today we have the absolute pleasure of introducing our good pal, Beth, the NYC blogger behind Once in a Mile, as our Featured Chobaniac this week. We’ve been chatting up a storm with her on Twitter at @RxBethOnTheRun for as long as we can remember, so naturally this was the perfect next step in our  friendship!

Shoot an email to fans[at]chobani dot com if you’re interested in taking part in the “Featured Chobaniac” series. We’d love to share your story with friends far and wide!

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Hey there fellow Chobaniacs! I am honored to be included among the guest bloggers for Chobani. Besides loving their yogurt, and using it as a staple in my healthy diet, I love the sense of community the company represents.

I started brainstorming about what I would write for my guest post on the Chobani blog. I could write about my journey, my running experiences, what inspires and motivates me every day. And then it dawned on me. What inspires and motivates me right now is the resilience and spirit of the NYC running community. Many of my friends trained their little hearts out through the hot, sticky summer and for the MANY weeks and months between then and now.

While they were initially shocked and saddened by the news of the late cancellation of the NYC Marathon, they agreed it was the right decision. They could have wallowed and felt sorry for themselves. They could have given up their dreams of running a marathon this fall. After all, as a result of Hurricane Sandy, so many people had lost so much more than the chance to run the NYC Marathon. Instead, they picked themselves up and dusted themselves off. Some of them got out there on Marathon Sunday and ran a marathon anyway. Almost immediately, most of them picked plan B marathons to put their admirable training to good use. Some dominated the streets of Richmond last weekend, at, “America’s Friendliest Marathon,” representing the strength of NYC with their NYC Marathon bibs on their backs.

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Photo Credit

Others crushed it on the streets of Harrisburg and Pensacola. And the rest will take to the streets of the city of brotherly love this weekend as they represent the spirit, resilience and unstoppable determination of the NYC running community at the Philadelphia Marathon, with me on the sidelines cheering them on!

Community. Resilience. Spirit. These are some inspiring words. I know I personally felt extremely inspired by all of the amazing runners who ran the Richmond Marathon last weekend. I ran 10 miles, on sore legs, because I just couldn’t seem to stop running.

Community and Spirit. Aren’t these the very qualities that Chobani represents? To quote them, from the Chobani website, “But, there are some things that will never change like our unwavering commitment to producing the best-tasting, highest quality products and being nothing but good to our fans, employees and local communities.” That statement couldn’t be truer.

It’s no wonder that so many of us, in the running community, have come to depend on the wholesome, nutritious, delicious, nothing but good quality of a product and company like Chobani. Especially the 2% Pineapple! I think it’s my new favorite. Who’s with me? I still have to find that ever elusive Lemon to be completely sure though.

Major marathon PR congratulations to Ashley, Meggie, GiaChristy, Ali and especially Lora, who STILL managed to PR even after developing a stress fracture in the last 10K of the Pensacola Marathon! Go congratulate them on showing everyone just what New Yorkers are made of!