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Squashy Soup to Warm Your Soul

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The first snowfall lightly touched the streets of Manhattan this weekend. Mother nature has gracefully announced the arrival of the cozy season! As we sought to warm up, we stumbled upon Sonja and Alex’s recipe for Butternut Squash Soup on their blog, A Couple Cooks, and couldn’t wait to get our chilly hands on a bowl. Topped with a scoop of 0% Plain, this delectable soup will comfort both your belly and your spirits. Read on and see for yourself just how simple & tasty this soup is!

-1 Tbs olive oil
-2 shallots
-1 lb butternut squash
-1 medium boiling potato
-1 bay leaf
-3 C water
-kosher salt
-fresh ground pepper
-1 scoop Plain 0% Chobani Greek Yogurt and pepitas to garnish


1. Chop the shallots. Peel the butternut squash; scoop out the seeds and chop into roughly 1 inch pieces. Peel the potato and cut into 1 inch pieces.
2. In a saucepan over low heat, warm olive oil and shallots. Cook, stirring occasionally, until the shallots are translucent (5 to 10 mins).
3. Add the squash, potato, bay leaf, a dash of kosher salt, and 3 cups of water. Increase the heat to medium high and bring to a steady simmer.
4. Cook about 30 mins, stirring occasionally, until squash is tender.
5. Remove the bay leaf and let soup cool slightly. Puree the soup using an immersion blender (a regular ole’ blender works fine too!). Let the soup cool more, as it thickens and becomes a bit creamier. Add salt and pepper to taste.
6. Throw on a big scoop of plain CHO, a few pepitas, and spoon in!