Chobani Does Idaho!

We’re officially opening our new plant in Twin Falls, Idaho on Monday and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s the largest yogurt manufacturing facility in the world*! We’re taking this time before the big day to share how this plant came to be (in only a year!) and just how much Idaho milk we’ll be using there.

Share our Idaho graphic and start the part-ay for more Chobani than you’ve ever seen before- on its way soon!

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Chobani employees, Twin Falls community members, and many others worked diligently to get our new facility up and running after breaking ground in December of last year. Once we installed 500 miles of pipe alongside new, state-of the-art equipment, we were ready to start producing ‘gurt – faster than ever!Our new plant is about 1 million square feet. That’s equal to 20 football fields. Can someone say field goal?! And now for the milk: Idaho is the 3rdlargest dairy producing state in the US and home to about 574,000 cows… moo! The average Idaho cow produces 65 lbs of milk a day, and it takes more than 30,000 cows to produce the amount of milk we need daily to churn out our yogurt.

Something else to jump up and down about: we were cookin ‘up some pretty innovative ideas while building the plant. So, we can now make products with real, good-for-you ingredients that surpass just fruit and yogurt. Start sending those peanut butter recos our way!

P.S. Stay tuned to learn more about our great new home and friends in Twin Falls!

*Our plant in Idaho is the largest yogurt manufacturing facility in the world, by milk volume!