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Featured Chobaniac of the Week

We’ve heard amazing stories from our community about people who’ve added Chobani to their life from weight loss to eating habits to simply getting healthier. When Rose emailed us about her father-in-law’s amazing story, it brought huge smiles to our faces. Hopefully you’re all as amazed as we were!

Throughout this past year, Frank battled several serious and life threatening medical conditions, one after another. After a long stay in the hospital, Frank’s family decided to care for him at home, with the help of in-house physical therapy and visiting nurses. Though slowly recuperating, Frank was very weak and had little appetite. After some thorough searching, the family came upon Greek yogurt as a potential solution for getting Frank the protein and nutrients he needed.

“We tried the various nutrition drinks, but he couldn’t tolerate them. Then, with all the advertising about Greek yogurt, we decided to try that. Bam! It clicked. He loved it. Of all the brands, Chobani is his favorite. In fact, it became his life support. He graduated from the small cups to the 16 oz cups, eating 3,4,5 a day. One day, concerned about this, he asked me if you could possibly eat “too much yogurt?” I’m somewhat of a health fanatic, and when I thought about it, I thought, “Geez, I’d imagine you could possibly eat too much of anything.” So, I started looking into it. As it turns out, in his case, he CAN’T eat too much yogurt. The live and active cultures actually helped not only his digestive issues, but also gave him good results from the doctor regarding his colon cancer concerns.”

Frank added Chobani to his diet – in a big way. The protein packed cups helped him gain weight and get healthier. Over the next month and a half, Frank gained 12 pounds.

“The doctor asked him what he was doing to be walking without a cane and gaining weight. He told him, ‘I eat yogurt!’ We call it his positive addiction.”

Believe it or not, Frank’s “positive addiction” actually influences the yogurt shelves at his local grocery store. He is particular to the fruit flavors, meaning that some other flavors aren’t flying off the shelves at such a rapid rate. As the yogurt purchaser for the family, Rose is pretty sure her Chobani purchasing habits are quickly setting a record.

“We are fairly certain we buy more yogurt than anyone in the county, and this is our laugh everyday. My son often comments on how much yogurt Gramps eats. He literally chases the grocery bag when we get back from shopping for him. There are always one or two containers that don’t even make it to the fridge.”

While we were certainly happy to hear about Frank’s impressive CHO habits, we were even happier to hear that he is on the road to a strong recovery. Here’s to you, Frank!

A happier, healthier Frank!

So, spoons held high for Frank! Thanks for sharing your journey with us.