New look, same yogurt.
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Real Innovation in 2013

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The big news just keeps on coming! Now that our facility in Twin Falls is officially open, we’re rolling out new products for 2013 to give you more convenient, real food options throughout the day.

A little background first: here at Chobani, we’re committed to innovation. It’s at the center of everything we do – from researching & developing new tasty flavors and products to the way we build our plants and grow our internal family.

But we’re also a little different. For us, innovation is about going back to the basics. Yogurt, the way it’s meant to be – simple, pure, and real. And real doesn’t have to be boring. These new products will delight and satisfy your taste buds whenever hunger strikes, in knock-your-socks-off flavors, if we do say so ourselves!

First up – new flavors of the Chobani you know and love. You asked, and we made ‘em. We’re super duper excited to announce Pear and Banana as the newest members of our Chobani family!

Pears & bananas are a staple in any produce aisle or fruit-loving home, and our fans requested these like crazy. Delicious, real fruit complement the creamy yogurt you can’t stop spooning – these just might be your new favorites. No, really.

Next up: Chobani Bite. Everyone snacks- and it’s good to snack. But, most snacks aren’t choices to be proud of. So, we swooped in to create a real one – something that fills you up and tastes delicious. Chobani Bite is not your average cup of yogurt. It’s a little smaller (3.5oz!) and a little bolder (orange zest! chocolate! caramel!). Best of all, it’s a real, good-for-you option that hits the spot. 

The concept for Chobani Flip came as a direct result of the chatter among some of our biggest fans. It’s no secret that ingredients like nuts, granola, and chocolate are delicious partners to our yogurt. With a flip cup of purposeful flavor and textural combinations, we created a convenient one-stop mini-meal that satisfies your breakfast, second breakfast (it’s okay, we eat them too), or any other mealtime!

And finally, for the moms, dads, kids, and even just adults who want be a kid for a moment, we have Chobani Champions Tubes. Same great CHO with real fruit, in a new on-the-go tube. The best part? No spoons necessary! Packing a lunch, or eating on the move, just got a whole lot easier. 

We’ve been busy bees crafting and perfecting our newest products for your enjoyment in 2013. We can’t wait to hear what you think about them – so spoon, bite, flip, and squeeze on in. It’s time to eat real.

Tell us about your first taste! #tastereal