New look, same yogurt.
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What do you get when you take our digital team away from our devices and drop them into a test kitchen in the middle of NYC?

Besides a lot of tummy aches from sampling too many delicious dishes, you get a whole lotta productive creativity. On Tuesday, our team banded together to yet again get busy in the kitchen testing, creating, and tweaking some amazing recipes that we’ve discovered ’round the interwebz. In fact, some of the recipes that you (yes, YOU!) submitted through our website got put to the test. Don’t fret – they passed with flying colors.

We got crackin’ at 8AM, and spent the day cooking, baking, food styling, snapping pics, and singing to some pretty awesomely bad 90’s jams. Curious to see the fruits of our labor? You’ll just have to wait for us to roll out the mouth-watering posts next week! But for now, here’s a little sneak peek of what we’ve got in store for ya.