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CHOlks do Improv!

There’s nothing better than genuinely enjoying your work place. Here at CHO, our leaders believe in cultivating an environment of learning, growing, and enjoying which is why our SoHo office kicked off 2013 with an offsite team building day in midtown NYC!

A little anxious and a little nervous, we all headed to  The Magnet Theater early Friday morning. We were greeted by breakfast and 3 extremely enthusiastic and exceptionally funny sketch comedy actors. We grouped up and went off to our respective ‘stages’ to learn how to improv! The bases of improv are simple:

-Do you — there are no rules to improv other than being yourself, letting loose and going with the flow.

-Support each other — think of your group as the net, and then you jump! The net will always catch ya when your fellow actors support you.

-Have fun — letting yourself ‘let go’ can only create the most hilarious scenarios!

To quote the Magnet folks, “Like anything worthwhile, it may be challenging, occasionally frustrating, and require taking a risk here and there. But if you’re patient with yourself, you’ll make giant leaps very quickly, doing instantly brilliant comedy with your classmates. Suddenly, you’ll be an improviser.”

And it’s as easy as that! Not only did we spend the day laughing into oblivion, but we also took away countless implications in our everyday lives. We didn’t chat much about work on Friday, but by the end of the day we could see how these little reminders (be yourself, support each other, and have fun) resonated pretty perfectly with the day to day in our office.


So hop on stage and give it a go, why don’t ya?