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Featuring: The Ladies of The Elite Heat!

Everyday, we’re completely wowed by something one of our fans says, does, or writes. Seriously! Y’all are a constant source of inspiration for us. Take Lauren and Ester, for example. We had the opportunity to meet them and their friends for a little yogurt date one weekend, and found out that they’re all dedicated fitness competitors reppin’ The Elite Heat. If anyone out there needs a little kick in the butt to head to the gym this week, voila!

The road to competition for Esther and Lauren began 10 long months ago. With the intention of simply getting healthier and more fit, before their very eyes they were stepping on stage to compete in a fitness competition. The NYC-based Elite Heat started as ten women helping their trainer, Malenna Saunders, to prep for her shows. The team followed the nutrition and fitness plan that Malenna was on, and come November if anyone wanted to step on stage, the choice was their’s.

The ladies first competed in the Fitness America Muscle Mania Show, on October 27th in Astoria, NY. Esther competed in Bikini and Lauren competed in Figure. The categories both contain different judging criteria. However, the two were both judged on all aspects of their physique and compared for symmetry, aesthetics, and presentation against other competitors. In this show, The Elite Heat brought the heat! Esther placed first in Bikini Short, but also took the overall for Short and Tall categories. Lauren placed first in Figure, and took the overall for Figure Open and Classic. AND, she received her pro card. Whoa!

The girls were scheduled to compete the following weekend at the WBFF show in Providence. Since Lauren received her pro card, she wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to compete in an amateur show. That week leading up to the show, she got the good word that she would be able to compete with her teammate Esther. So, the duo travelled to Providence for a weekend full of fitness. Saturday was the big day, show day, and the girls once again brought the Heat. Esther took first in Bikini and received her pro card and Lauren placed second in Fit Model and received her pro card. Right on!

If there’s one life lesson we take from this top-notch twosome, it’s that nothing is ever out of reach. Lauren and Esther never had any intention of stepping on stage, but when the opportunity presented itself, they took it by storm with their dedication, passion and hard work. An inspiration for us all!