New look, same yogurt.
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Why Go Real, Chobani?

Just like you, we’ll be glued to our screens this Sunday for the Oscars. Donning our coziest scrunchy socks and armed with a vat of popcorn, we’ll judge best dressed and eagerly predict the night’s winners.

But, we’ll also be anxiously awaiting the launch of our nationwide campaign, Go Real Chobani. (In case you’re not into the Oscars or just super into your DVR, catch the spot here.)

Real is rooted in our story- a journey that started in 2005 in a hundred-year old, shuttered manufacturing plant where we spent over 540 tireless days and nights perfecting the authentic Chobani recipe.

Real is rooted in our fans- from the beginning, you’ve shared your passion with us every day across channels and we take great joy in responding to each and every exclamation.

But Go Real Chobani is more than just a campaign. It’s a movement to empower people to choose a brand that stands for something more – a yogurt that’s made with simple ingredients by a dedicated team with a passion for bringing better options to everyone.

“We pay attention to every little detail to maintain the authenticity and simplicity of the product. Consumers deserve to know the difference.” – Chobani Founder, Hamdi

Real is rooted in our craft. We don’t cut corners; we take the time to make yogurt using a centuries-old, authentic recipe, brought to you in a convenient cup.

“If I’m going to put peach in the bottom of my yogurt, it has to be peach. I mean, what is the other way?”

If you’re already a part of our story, it’s our hope that you’ll invite more people in. Send a coupon to a friend, family member, co-worker, or stranger on the street through our website. And if you’re new to Chobani, grab a first taste and tell us what you think. Real is just a spoonful away.


–Emily, @Chobani