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Tips for Overcoming an Exercise Rut

Seeing that we’re in the dead of winter, there’s no time like the present to bring you a post about how to overcome an exercise rut.

It’s definitely taken us some extra effort to get out of bed in the A.M. and sneak in a morning run, so hopefully we’re not alone. Read on for some tips to battle these pesky ruts, whether due to weather, burn-out, or just a touch of boredom. Enjoy!

Hey there! My name is Megan, writer of Run Like a Grl blog, and today’s Featured Chobaniac! Chobani first entered into my diet a little over a year ago at about the time when I signed up for my first half marathon. Registering for that race changed my life. It encouraged me to get in shape, get motivated, eat better, and transition to the healthy lifestyle I lead today. Chobani has been a huge part of helping me to lose weight and stay healthy as I increased my running mileage over the past year by providing great taste and nutrition to my post-run smoothies, breakfast meals, and daily snacks. It really has made a huge difference in my life.

But besides my new and improved diet, embracing various types of exercise and fitness has also helped me sustain my lifestyle. Over the past year I have enjoyed running, cycling, swimming, and taking countless group fitness classes—things I rarely would have participated in a little over a year ago. I also found that fitness can and should be fun (yes, 14 year-old self… exercise is fun!).

But as every athlete knows, sometimes life gets in the way and throws you off your fitness course. Even for me there’s no denying that, though I barely remember the unhealthy girl I was before, there are still times I find myself falling back into my past self. Sometimes we just lose motivation, drive, will, or whatever word you chose to call it. Sometimes you are just in a rut.

When that happens, what can we do? Cry? Stomp our feet? Eat tubs of ice cream? Although sometimes it feels like that would be nice, it will only make things worse. I promise. What you need is to DO SOMETHING about it. Here are some ideas of things that have worked for me.

Tips for Overcoming an Exercise Rut

1. Get involved in a fitness challenge: As a blogger, I am always seeing fitness challenges pop up all over the Internet. Planks, squats, running mileage challenges, etc. They are all great! It also helps some people to post progress on social media for the extra incentive. My advice: start with small goals and work up to big ones. You may scare yourself away with goals that are too big!

2. Get an exercise partner: What better way to get out of a rut than spending some time exercising with a friend? Working out AND catching up… now, that’s multitasking.

3. Write it down: Instead of keeping goals in your head, try writing them down. This makes you accountable. Also, try writing down your workouts so you can visually see all that you have accomplished. You will be happy you did later on!

4. Sign up for an organized event or volunteer to help out at one: It often helps to be around people with the same interests as you and to absorb some of their motivation! Plus it may inspire you to sign up for an event of your own.

5. Mix up your routine: Running every day? Only lifting weights? Try something new! Although I mainly run, I started cycling this summer and fell in love. You never know until you try.

6. Schedule exercise time into your day: Don’t just say “I’ll exercise later.” Actually make sure to add workouts to your calendar, phone or whatever fancy tech gadget you own. Or go old school and leave yourself a post-it on the mirror. Whatever works!

7. Take a look at your diet and habits: Generally, when you eat better you feel better. As a runner, the food I eat significantly impacts my motivation to get out the door and also my performance. Eating wholesome foods like vegetables, fruits and some good old Chobani with granola, as well as drinking lots of water, are more likely to help get your body ready for a workout.

8. HAVE FUN! Remember when I said exercise can be fun? Well it should always be enjoyable! Make sure to pick something you actually like and follow your fitness heart. It will never lead you astray.

Exercise is fun!

Hopefully some of those tips will help you if you ever get stuck in an exercise rut! Remember to always do what you love and to treat yourself right no matter what life throws at you. You only get one body, take care of it. And, like Chobani, be nothing but good.