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10 for 10: Time’s A-Flyin’!


Good gracious, where does the time go?! Sun’s out, spring clothes unpacked. Still cruising along with our #10for10 goals (and we know you’re right there with us!)  What have we been up to since March? Oh, just you wait and see…

Let’s start with the big stuff – Hilary called her pops! That’s right. Numbers were dialed, chatter was had. And where the heck did Karen jet off to? Yup, your Instagram feed was spot-on; that gal hit London AND Paris (chocolate croissant, anyone?) As for the other CHOlks, they’ve been busy, too! Check it out, Emily’s actually on a flight to Thailand AS-WE-SPEAK. We’re talkin’ beach, flip-flops, the whole shebang!

We won’t bore you with the details of Ashley’s fab new haircut (but hey, lovin’ those layers!) but we WILL tell you this: goal-setting rocks and we’re all about stayin’ on top of our A game. And in the nature of doin’ work {insert long sigh here} we didn’t quiiiiite make it to the recap stage for March. Hey now! There’s always April. We’re doing our best – you know the drill.

Needless to say…we rocked it. We vacationed, hit the gym, yup – we even juiced. But why toot our horns when y’all are out doin’ the same? Yep, we’re talking to you. We see those sweet travel pics, that awesome workout regime. Thankfully we’re super tight and a few of you even dared to share with us. We want details.

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Keep it comin’ and we’ll do the same. Sharing is caring (but don’t you dare touch that Pineapple cup).