Celebrating National Bike Month

It’s officially May, and while we’re busy stopping to smell those May flowers the April showers brought, we’re equally as psyched to be kicking off National Bike Month. That’s right, a whole month dedicated to the wonder of the bicycle. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, an everyday cyclist, or just contemplating biking to work, we love it. Fun fact: a bicycle is the most efficient mode of transportation. It’s true! Not only that, but it’s as good for you as it is for the environment.


Our office is currently in the middle of a bike rack upgrade because so many of our employees in NYC bike to work. How incredible is that?

Bonus benefits that’ll have you bicycling in no time:

– save money on a gym membership
– clear your head before a long day at work
– save money on public transportation/gas
– be in control of your travel time — no traffic or subway delays!
– observe small details of your surroundings that you might otherwise miss

Sounds nice, eh?

So go on, give it a whirl! Just remember the most important thing before hopping on a bike — A HELMET! While biking is a fun, healthy activity, it’s crucial that you take precautions to protect yourself (‘specially your noggin!) And if you’re riding at night, lights are a must. We even rock a slighty-nerdy-yet-incredibly-effective reflective vest…because as Billy Madison once said, “You ain’t cool unless you wear protective gear while biking!” Wait, that’s the quote, right?

A few helpful resources:

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