Forbes Women’s Summit

Yael Cohen

A typical day in the life at Chobani? There’s heaps of yogurt, no shortage of emails, a sprinkling of meetings, marvelous CHOworkers…oh, and did we mention the yogurt? Well, it’s safe to say that May 9th was NO typical day around here. We were fortunate enough to join Hamdi for the Forbes Women’s Summit: Power Redefined. It was an incredibly memorable day, leaving us awestruck and inspired. The energy at the summit was undeniably contagious.

Forbes brought together some of the most influential women in business, media, politics and philanthropy. From Forbes Woman editor Moira Forbes, herself, to designer Tory Burch, media personality Gayle King, computer scientist and author Ping Fu; they were all there. These women came together to discuss and solve the world’s problems (no small task). In an effort to create change and “disrupt”, the panels intentionally joined influencers from alternative backgrounds. And while the summit skewed almost entirely female, we were honored to have our Hamdi as one of the three male panelists included. Hamdi joined designer and health activist, Donna Karan, and founder of F*ck Cancer, Yael Cohen, to discuss the Health Revolution. Hamdi spoke about real food and the need to provide access to the masses. You know, the Chobani way. Check out the full Health Revolution panel here.

And that’s not all! The evening before the Summit, Hamdi joined the Forbes’ attendees for an intimate salon dinner, co-hosted by the brilliant Craig Hatkoff. Craig is a highly disruptive, talented innovator, most well-known for co-founding the Tribeca Film Festival. We were thankful to join him for many laughs and no shortage of inspiring, disruptive conversation. In his words at the Summit, “If you embrace change, there’s a seat for you. Just don’t try to stop change.” Needless to say, we were happy to have found a seat.

Walking away from the Forbes Summit, we are ready to take on the world; inspired by the ideas and wisdom that filled the room. In an effort to share a small piece of this inspiration, we’ve captured a few of our favorite quotes below. Haven’t had enough yet? Check out full session videos from the Summit here. Enjoy!

Craig Hatkoff

Ping Fu