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Food Blog We Love: Kitchen Meets Girl

When it comes to the kitchen-savvy, it seems that folks fall into one of two groups: those who were born dressed in an apron (whisk in hand), and those who found their culinary instincts later in life. So long as you’re making a mess in the kitchen, while simultaneously licking all spoons, we’re happy. This week, we’re oohing and ahhing over the likes of Ashley from Kitchen Meets Girl. For those of you wondering, Ashley falls into the latter group, finding her culinary passion later in life. It’s never too late!


Aptly describing her blog as “successes from the kitchen of a reluctant cook”, Ashley has evolved from someone with no interest in cooking to someone who lives to whip up delicious, wholesome meals for herself and her family. From baked goods to main courses, Ashley is all-aboard the CHO-CHO train!