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Ice Cream Sammies

Frozen Berry Snickerdoodle Chobani Sandwiches

Time for a food-fession. Upon scrolling through a few jaw-dropping, drool-inducing Pins/grams/tweets/regular ol’ photos (yup, those old things), it’s not uncommon for us to think to ourselves…wait a minute, we can make that! Add some Chobani, whip it up in our kitch’, snap some shots, and share it on the interwebs. And we’ll do just that; nibbling deliciously along the way. Yet sometimes, (just sometimes!) our attempt doesn’t *quite* live up to the inspiration. Gasp! And that’s when we remember the wise words of our elders: “it all looks the same once it goes down!” Too far?

We digress. We set out to create these, and well, we ended up just a tad messier. Our wise elders were right. They were in fact just as delicious, refreshing, and wondrously chilly as ever. Let the froCHO season commence!

Our recipe was adapted from Arts and Tarts original recipe. Instead of 1 1/2 C peaches, we used 1 1/2 C blueberries, raspberries, strawberries. You can mix as you like. Find the full recipe here.

Messy + Delicious Frozen Chobani Sandwiches

Here’s a quick snapshot of how we put our sandwiches together!

Making the Frozen Berry Chobani Sandwiches