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National Dairy Month

9 Essential Nutrients In Milk

Need another reason to spoon in? Didn’t think so. But in any case, we’re celebrating National Dairy Month all June long! Did you know that dairy products are a source of NINE essential nutrients?! Essential means that our bodies can’t produce these nutrients on their own, so we need to rely on our diets to provide for us. From promoting bone health to providing energy, these nine nutrients help keep our bodies in tip-top shape.

Because dairy is such a nutrient powerhouse, it’s recommended that folks nine years and older consume three servings of dairy each day. Three cups shouldn’t be a problem, right? Unfortunately, most Americans fall short of this recommendation, so we’re here to provide a few creative ways to reach that lucky number three.

Dairy in the morning…

Oatmeal or cereal: Add a cup of milk or Greek yogurt to your favorite cereal or granola. Top off oatmeal with milk or Greek yogurt for an extra creamy, delicious breakfast.

Pancakes/Waffles: Use Greek yogurt in the batter for delightfully fluffy pancakes. Go ahead, add an extra dollop on top for good measure!

Bagel: Skip the cream cheese – use thick, delicious Greek yogurt.

Latte: Add skim or low-fat milk to your morning coffee to get in an easy extra serving.

….At noon

Sandwiches: Add a slice of low-fat cheese to your favorite sandwich or use Greek yogurt as the base for a delicious spread.

Salads: Top it off with a little shredded or crumbly cheese or drizzle with a creamy Greek yogurt dressing.

Dips galore: Add your favorite herbs and spices to Greek yogurt for a dip that all your friends will write home about.

…And at night

Frozen Greek yogurt: Skip the ice cream this summer for a good-for-you froCHO treat.

Pudding: Use non-fat or low-fat milk or Greek yogurt to make a homemade pudding that rivals Grandma’s (yep, we said it).

Dessert parfait: Layer Greek yogurt with delicious fixin’s of your choosing. Our favorite combo? Dark chocolate chips, peanut butter and graham cracker crumbs.

Visual learner? Look below!

10 Ways to Enjoy Greek Yogurt

Drooling yet? We won’t judge you if you’re already cruisin’ to the nearest dairy bar. We’ll be right behind ya.

Three cheers for National Dairy Month!