Introducing the New Guys #WTFlavor

We get it. You’ve had enough of the waiting game. You’re tired of thinking, “WTFlavor am I eating?!” each time you spoon in. And frankly, we’re tired of keeping the delicious news to ourselves. It’s time to let you in on our secret flavors. Get ready, because this might be the greatest flavor launch of all time.

Chobani Yogurt New Flavors

This July, the Chobani family grew. We introduced 26 new products and we never looked back.

First things first. You all know that the single serve cup is our bread and butter. Well, we added 5 new flavors to the already hard-hitting line up.

Blueberry, Strawberry and Raspberry were feeling lonely, so we went ahead and added Blackberry to the mix. But wait! We didn’t stop there. We had quite a few fan-requests for Apricot, so we put our R&D team to the test. And voila, 2% Apricot!

Our next three blended flavors may seem familiar, as they’re no stranger to the Chobani family. Flying solo for the first time, we introduced Orange Vanilla, Key Lime, and Coconut cups! You asked for it and we made it happen. Enjoy!

New Chobani Bites

Hey, a sweet tooth is only human. We believe that mint chocolate shouldn’t just be an ice cream flavor and everyone knows that honey ginger is a flavor combination made in heaven. These new delectable bite-size flavors are perfect for snacking or a little late-night dessert: Honey with Ginger and Mint with Dark Chocolate Chips. Yep, these Bites are both bona fide game changers.

New Chobani Flip FlavorsAnd we’re not finished yet. Sure, we’ve been flipping for awhile now, but this time we took it a bit further. We crafted our new Flips with a few delicious flavor combinations in mind, and of course, inspiration from our handcrafted creations at Chobani SoHo. Each of these new dynamic pairings aims to delight and intrigue your tastebuds.

Blueberry Power pairs non-fat Greek Yogurt with chia seeds, hemp seeds, and walnuts; the perfect way to power your mornings.

Nutty for Nana is a delicious combination of Banana low-fat Greek Yogurt with honey roasted salted almonds and dark chocolate.

Peachy Pistachio steps it up a notch with Peach low-fat Greek Yogurt and a side car of pistachio and dark chocolate.

You’ll want to buckle up for our final Flip. This one is truly a vacation for your tastebuds. We suggest slowly closing your eyes as you spoon into the island oasis that is Tropical Escape. We’re talking Pineapple and Coconut blended low-fat Greek Yogurts, paired with a side of toasted coconut, hazelnut and granola. It’s possible that you may actually wake up on a beach.

Now you’re probably thinking, “So many flavors! How on earth will I ever carry them all home?!“ To this, we respond, “Check out our multi-packs!” Yes, your grocery experience just got a heck of a lot more convenient. Keep your eye out for our new 4-packs and two flavor 8-packs.

Chobani Blackberry 4-pack

That’s all for now. Happy spooning!