Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bar

Chobani Yogurt Breakfast Bar

It’s that familiar feeling. The holidays creep up, family members report flight times and Christmas lists. You plan dinners and stock the fridge with oodles of snacks. Suddenly, the day is here and you mentally check your list. Check, check, check, WAIT! You forgot breakfast prep. WORST FEELING EVER. Okay, not the worst – but you get a little anxious.

The thought of preparing batches of eggs or stacks of pancakes amidst the chaos is overwhelming. Look no further. We’ve got the perfect solution: a Greek yogurt breakfast bar.

Simply grab Plain, Vanilla, Blueberry, or whatever your favorite flav (multi-serve containers might work best in this case), and set on the table next to a spread of toppings. Keep it balanced by offering fresh fruit, nuts & seeds like walnuts, chia seeds, and slivered almonds, and a few sweeteners for the kids like honey, maple syrup, jam, or agave.

Scoop, top, enjoy, repeat. Sayonara, holiday stress!