Chobani Partners with Green America to explore potential non-GMO alternatives for cattle feed

As our loyal fans know, our products are made using only natural ingredients that are not genetically modified (non-GMO).

But over 90% of the cows in the U.S. are fed GMO feed and there is simply not enough non-GMO grain for farmers to feed their dairy cows. Recognizing GMO corn feed is an upstream agriculture issue, as the leader in Greek Yogurt we are committed to doing our small humble part by reaching out to farmers.


We recently partnered with Green America, a leading green economy organization to share resources, pursue active communications and have honest and open conversations.

While this issue is larger than a single yogurt maker, and recognizing that a viable solution will take time, through our partnership with Green America we will start to facilitate conservations with our farmers with the hope of raising issues and providing potential solutions that make sense for all involved.

We’re also launching an organic line in 2015 to provide even more options.

For information about our Beliefs behind how we make our yogurt, click here.

In the meantime, please share any feedback here.