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Chobani’s Whey Disposal and Water Recycling System at Idaho Facility

We’ve got big news! This December we announced a new program out in Idaho. We’re implementing a system at our Twin Falls plant to dramatically enhance whey recycling and reuse processes and reduce municipal water consumption at our plant, building on our commitment to sustainably crafting our products.


Using a reverse osmosis filtration system, we’ll be increasing the concentration of whey byproduct and using the recycled water for sanitation, resulting in a reduction of municipal water usage by nearly 20%.

We’ve always been committed to responsible whey disposal, using it at qualified farms for use as livestock feed or land-applied fertilizer. The new filtration system creates a long-term solution and allows us to remain committed to being a good partner and responsible neighbor.

The new filtration system uses pressure to separate water from the whey, leaving a more condensed byproduct, making it better for animal feed and providing the potential for it to be used by other food processors in the future.

The resulting whey can be transported from the plant using fewer trucks than previously required. The remaining water will be recycled within the plant, resulting in the dramatic decrease in municipal water use. Win, win, if we do say so ourselves!