New look, same yogurt.
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Toast Party

As foodies, we pride ourselves on being epic eaters. Especially breakfast eaters. That said, we’re always looking for new vehicles for which to enjoy our delicious Greek Yogurt. Enter: toast.

We, for one, are totally into toast. It’s the perfect base for a number of breakfasts, snacks, and just anytime eats. Enjoy a few super easy and quick recipes that feature toast (and yogurt) on us.


In order from top left to bottom right, all have a shmear of Whole Milk Plain Chobani on the bottom, plus:

  • Mashed raspberries + blueberries with chia
  • Hummus, tomato, salt, pepper
  • Avocado, red pepper, cumin, salt, pepper
  • Pear, almond, honey

We hope you’ll be inspired to whip up your own toast party – and if you do – be sure to invite us! #madewithchobani