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A Historic Trip to Open Doors in Cuba

Our Founder and CEO, Hamdi, is embarking on a big mission today with New York State Gov. Cuomo and other business leaders to make history between US-Cuba relations.

Hamdi Ulukaya

It’s a historic time and a historic trip–the first visit by high profile government and business leaders since relations normalized.

The mission is intended to open doors between our two countries with business being a driving force. Hamdi will meet with Cuban officials there and private citizens to share his view on the role entrepreneurs can and will play in shaping Cuba’s future.

Since founding Chobani, Hamdi has worked to spread the power of business as the strongest force for good in the world and was appointed last year to President Obama’s Presidential Ambassadors to Global Entrepreneurship along a group of successful business leaders.

The first step to doing business is building a foundation of mutual trust and respect and Hamdi’s honored to join Gov. Cuomo and others on this mission.

It’s a new chapter for both countries and we’re excited to play a part.