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Back To School Lunch Ideas

Let’s set the scene.  It’s back to school season.  Your schedule is already jam-packed.  You’ve got to drive the kids to dance classes, soccer games, school assemblies, and more. You’re BUSY! But that doesn’t mean you can’t give your kids a brag-worthy school lunch. 


Adding Chobani Tubes lunchbox is easy, fun AND delicious. Not to mention: Chobani Tubes have 2x the protein and 25% less sugar than leading competitive tubes*. It’s a win, win, win. Plus, it’s a major time saver. Plus lunch up with tasty fruits and veggies like grapes, avocado, cherry tomatoes and carrots. The more color the better. Your kids (and your schedule) will thank you.

*Chobani Kids™ Tubes: 6 g of sugar, leading competitive tubes: 8 g sugar per 2oz serving.