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Home to Home, Plant to Plant

Chobani was born in Upstate New York and then built a second home in Twin Falls, Idaho. By coincidence, that’s the same geographical story for New York native and Twin Falls resident Art Hoag. This summer, in celebration of his 71st birthday, he sets off on a sentimental bicycle journey from Home to Home, Plant to Plant.


“I haven’t been back to my hometown in many years,” said Art before leaving today from the world’s largest yogurt manufacturing facility – and his current hometown in Twin Falls, Idaho. “Chobani is eight miles from my hometown in New York and they followed my out here!” He exclaimed.

Hundreds of Chobani employees lined the halls of our Twin Falls plant today to cheer Art on at his Idaho sendoff. Among the crowd was Art’s niece Char Shallenberger, a member of the Chobani Idaho family.

When we heard Art’s story, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to sponsor him on his cross-country trek and as part of our commitment to our communities, we’ll be paying for the upkeep of Art’s passion project in Twin Falls – a community park he and his late wife created for the people he now calls his neighbors and place he calls home.

On July 1, two months and 2,800 miles later, he’ll arrive in New Berlin, NY – the original home of Chobani and near to Art’s birthplace.

During the trip, Art’s wife, Bonnie, will drive a Chobani-branded support vehicle as a Chobani-fueled Art pedals at least 50 miles a day. The couple’s dogs, Bear & Sister, will be along for the ride – enjoying themselves in luxury from a Chobani-branded trailer pulled behind Art’s bike.

“We’re ready! We ought to be able to get peoples’ attention as we go across country,” Art said this morning.

“For the next 60 days I only have to one thing – I wake up in the morning and I go for a bike ride! Watch out South Ed, I’m coming for ya!” he proclaimed with a grin before mounting his bike to begin his journey across the nation.