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Champions Orange Vanilla Cake

This weekend the Chobani Champions of NYC pushed their sleeves up and got busy in the kitchen. With the help of our friends from Taste Buds, we cooked up this tasty little treat. This Orange Vanilla Cake isn’t just yummy, it’s also simple enough for our little ones to make too. And what can be better than having a helper in the kitchen? Enjoy!


Featured Blogger: Lindsay’s List

We can’t get enough of Lindsay or her cute little crew!  On her helpful, honest, and oh-so-hysterical blog, Lindsay gets real with how she balances staying fit, eating healthy, and being Mom to her two little ones. (Phew! We’re exhausted already!)  Since Lindsay and her entourage always keep us laughing, we asked her to share some of her “parenting truths” with our fans, and what it is like to be a mommy AND a master of cinematography all at the same time.  <– Oh, just read on and you will know exactly what we are talking about :)

Well hello there!! I’m Lindsay and I blog at the outrageously popular and critically acclaimed semi-funny, healthy living blog, Lindsay’s List! It’s “Cho” great to be here – Chobani is kind of a big deal around my house. When I’m not teaching fitness classes or training clients at the gym, I play the role of stay-at-home mom to two toddlers.